Friday, April 9, 2010

Random bits of rambling.......

I need to get into the habit of writing here, so random bits of rambilng, here I go. Things on my mind today:
1)A new tattoo, thinking about something on my ribs, not sure what to get though.
2)Cleaning my mom's place, my "Friday" job, need to get going on it!
3)Putting together all the packages that need to be mailed this weekend. Another ebay sale and a couple paperback swaps.
4)Need to do something with the NWT pants of my moms, ebay auction maybe?
5)Need to take the feet off some cast iron tubs and get rid of the tubs. Free to good home maybe?
6)Sewing machine needs to go, black corset should but I want to keep it, lol.
7)Nice day to burn some stuff, will grab a book and start the fire in a little while. To bad I don't have the stuff to make smores :)
8)Really need to sit down and figure out pricing on some random things. How DO you price funky bits of metal and stuff? Old typewriter parts? Rusty springs?

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