Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in piercing

I've talked before about the reactions I get from other inked people, last night was another pretty funny one. I got 2 new piercings. Went to Pink Elephant, walk in and get the "are you lost look?" The minute I take off my sweater the atmosphere changes, lol. People are chatty, stopping to look at the arm, filling me in on Chipp and so on. It feels good to be part of a group sometimes, even if that group looks like serial killers and excons. Oh yes, the piercings hurt, a lot. Shoving huge needles through your boobs hurts as much as you think it would!

Johnny's Spamorama!

Can't believe I let a month go by since writing! Life goes on but still have no good excuse, lol. Lets see, what's happened in the last month......

Daughter turns 22 next weekend, she had a quarter century freakout. "I'm almost 22 and haven't done anything with my life......." In the last year alone she has gone to Jamaica for her 21st birthday, gone to Texas on spring break with a huge group of girls. Been the witness in a lesbian wedding and the bridesmaid in her roomate's huge pink wedding. Been to -and survived- 2 bachelorette bashes. Knocked off another year of college, applied to transfer to Portland State, possibly found a very cool place to live in Portland without even going there and already networking Portland for a job. That's just in the last year!

In the last month my life is still pretty dull. The BP oil spill is destroying the Gulf Coast and probably any plans I might have had to move to Louisianna. The number of umemployed is already starting to sky rocket. I'ld go help with the cleanup but there's not much I could do. Sandy has vanished from facebook, so no idea whats going on with Seattle. Assuming they are getting moved into the new house and she'll be back on soon. In the meantime I'm in limbo there. Jay still has my car so I'm still pretty much housebound.

I did go to Minnesota to pick up Jordan. She spent the weekend at her boyfriends parents house before he goes to Germany for the summer. Met in Austin for lunch and went to the spam museum. That's always entertaining. Plus we needed new bumper stickers. Hoping to open up the wall between my room and the empty room next to me. First I have to get control of the mess I'm currently living in. I really need to start doing some big time ebaying.