Monday, April 12, 2010

3 am and can't sleep

I hate this, 3 am and still can't fall asleep. Loads to do tomorrow that probably won't get done now. Went to the Civic Center to see the San Jose Taiko Drummers with my mom. It was fun, drums are so very, very primal! Realized that I like my drums a little more booming, the kind you can feel. Taiko drumming is a bit to civilized for me. Mom was enthralled though and since I was her guest I certainly can't complain, lol.

Now that spring is here and people are wearing lighter weight clothes I'm noticing a lot more ink than I used to. Its amusing, in my black pants, black heels, blues and greens tunic and well cut hair I don't look like I'm part of that community. My mom really hates a lot of ink so I make a point of wearing sleeves around her. I kept finding myself wanting to push my sleeves up and sneering back at some of the twits that were there. Kind of a mines bigger, so there!reaction. Childish, especially when I get just as snippy when people gawk at me or try and touch my arm. Ah well, growing up is over-rated, no?

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