Saturday, April 10, 2010

Corvus Prime

So I've been rereading Susan Sizemore's books lately, and one of my favorite characters is Tony Crowe, a Corvus Clan Prime. It got me thinking about crows, blackbirds, ravens and magpies, basically all the birds that feather their nests with shiny baubles. I think I like the idea of being a magpie rather than a packrat. I'm not terribly fond of rats. The point is, like the crow I pick over the dead to live, in my case, estate sales, and can't help but accumulate metal bits, shiny trinkets and other fairly random bits of stuff. My intention is always to make something with all my bits of stuff, but for me the finding is more fun than the creating. So for now my store is a fleamarket, but eventually I'll transition it to a Ravens Nest. Although fleas and rats go together pretty well don't they, kind of like the plauge.

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