Saturday, April 17, 2010

End of a pretty good week :)

So, 3 ebay sales, 2 ecrater, 2 fiverr and one very big craigslist sale. Nice to have some money on hand again, even if it won't last long! Funny little Jordan won't take money from me, but doesn't think twice about calling her nana. Computer is fried, so nana ordered her a new one. Of course nana doesn't help much, Jordan called today to ask for $50, so nana sent her $100. Because its VEISHA, and she NEEDS to have some fun! Spring break was at South Padre last month, next month is her birthday, there goes another big hunk of cash! Sold my vintage pepsi machine for $450gave my brother $50 for all the stuff he does for her, kept $$100 for shipping fees and to get some new shoes tomorrow, gave the other $300 to nana for Jordan upkeep. Love that daughter of mine dearly, even though she is an expensive little thing!

Need to keep having weeks like this if I'm ever going to have enough cash to keep baby girl in school and still be able to go to Seattle for the summer. Lets see, the car can go, although the nephew has pretty well taken that over, sewing machine needs to go, and still have furniture to sort through. On top of all that I'm trying to save the money I need to maybe buy a yurt, lol. Ugh.....I need a real job, sadly the job market for tattood loons is pretty slim in Iowa!

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