Tuesday, April 10, 2012

celexa withdrawls.....day 187

Stocked up on the vitamins and supplements listed on another blog, seems to be helping somewhat. B6,B12, fish oil, E and C. Fish oil seems to bethe one everyone says is the most important.

Still getting the brain zaps and dizzy spells, especially while driving, if I scrunch up my eyes or move to quickly. Mood swings finally may be leveling out. A crying spell last night, but not to bad. Got called over-sensative, I'll take that over raving bitch or breaking into sobs!

Dreams have been wild; loud, bright and very, very jarring. Still getting the cold/hot thing and sweats. All in all, better - yes, but still quite a waysto go to normal.

The diet is iffy, was down about 2.5 pounds but broke down and got a candy bar and a greek yogurt this weekend. NEED to drop at least 20 pounds, 50 is what I really want, 10 seems impossible.

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