Friday, September 17, 2010

I DO have actual mad skills!

They may be rusty, but it seems I might have some useful marketable skills after all. Several years ago I took a two year upholstery program at my local community college. Practiced my trade for a while, but let it go because I didn't have a place to work from anymore. The air compressor was to loud to use at the small motel I was running and living at. Over the years my tools/tool boxes and equipment got taken over by my dad and my brother. Everything else, including me, got dull and rusty.

A friend wanted to redo an antique, upholstered head/foot board she got in Belgium about 20 years ago. I started it Monday, and gradually y rusty skills have started coming back. Found the staple gun, put Gilbreaths back in the cell phone and should finish it up in a couple more days. Wendy is doing the sewing of the fabric, I'm doing the rest. My part is done, lol.

Have realized this week that I do enjoy working with furniture, and there's no reason I can't make a living doing this again. Since I'm out of practice I'm trying to get an unpaid apprenticeship. Crossing my fingers, feeling much better about myself again.

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